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November 24, 2021
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Base Kit
Most 1/48 A-10 kits
Company: Phase Hanger - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: Phase Hanger - Website: Visit Site

Phase Hangar brings us a resin cast replacement ejection seat for most 1/48 A-10 kits. You get a cast seat and canopy breakers with a printed seat rail. This version replicates the lamb's wool cushions seen in some Hogs.

Compared to the Hobby Boss and Tamiya kit seats, this set provides a replacement with substantial improvements in detail. If you want to use this with Hobby Boss kit cockpit tub, you will have to alter the bottom to fit the width. There is minor prep work in the form of sanding the bottom of the seat flat and removal of printing frame from seat rails. The canopy breakers are very scale delicate. Most impressive is the fact that the seat slides down into the seat rails just like the real thing.

For those who want to add their own harnesses, Phase Hangar has a version of this seat without belts and a standard cushion (part #48114). If your Hog seat needs a standard cushion, they also have a version with belts (part #48114). You will sand a bit to prep this set so make sure to take proper precautions when creating resin dust.

Another quality part to improve a focal point of any A-10 build. Thank you to Phase Hanger for the sample of this part and IPMS for sending it my way.


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