Windsock Worldwide, Vol.28 No.6

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January 5, 2013
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Softcover, 36 pages (including covers), modeling articles, period photos, technical drawings
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Vol.28, No.6
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The Nov/Dec 2012 issue of Windsock Worldwide concludes Volume 28 and serves as further proof that Albatross Productions continues to publish the best WW I aircraft modeling magazine available anywhere. This issue of the bi-monthly publication provides a number of exclusives for WW I aircraft model builders and historians. The cover photos provide a look at two of them: Wingnut Wings’ new Fokker D.VII kits, and TVAL’s third full-size replica, an Albatros D.Va.

Inside, the first regular column; the READER’S GALLERY, presents six featured models in 1/48 and 1/32 scale…with one, a Roland D.II cleverly constructed from LEGO pieces. Then, LOGBOOK ENTRIES reviews a new book titled Nachtflugzeug! German N-Types of WW I, and the latest issue of Cross and Cockade International (Vol.43, No.3). Following that, photo coverage is provided of one of the subjects on the cover, TVAL’s replica Albatros D.Va.

Turn the page, and Lance Krieg continues his Master Class on adding details to WW I models. In CHAPTER EIGHT: DETAILS (Part 2), he covers spoked wheels, floats and skies, axles and spreader bars, inspection panels and windows, cowling details, windscreens, canopies, lacing and stitching, wing tapes, and battens. In this reviewer’s opinion, this series alone is worth the price of each issue. However, in this issue, more is in store for the model builder: the next two pages are devoted to detailed coverage (with 12 full-color photos) of the construction of a beautiful scratchbuilt Albatros D.Va in 1:10 scale.

Then, a special RARA AVIS details the experimental Aviatik D.II Series 39/339 (with 10 rare period photos), scale 3-view plans in 1/72 and 1/48 scale, and data from the George Haddow archive, together with three-color profiles by renowned illustrator Ronny Bar.

Next, a KITBAG Special presents in-box reviews of four of the recent kits from Wingnut Wings. First, the Sopwith Triplane is covered with photos of sprues and a full description of contents, accuracy, markings included, and an Albatros Rating of 5 out of 5. Then, the three versions of the Fokker D.VII (Fokker-built, Albatros-built, and OAW-built) are covered in similar detail, with multiple color photos of kit components and decals sheets, and each earning a 5 out of 5 rating. Instead of addressing the most recent Wingnut Wings release, the Hannover Cl.II, the KITBAG then moves to full reviews of the newly tooled 1/48 scale AVIATIK (BERG) D.II kit from Omega Models, two new-tooled 1/72 releases from Fly – the early version Ansaldo AVA 5 and the late version – and finally, the reissued 1/48 Breguet BRE-14B kit from AZ (Silver).

This issue concludes with a feature titled GREAT WAR PAINT No. 5, featuring French Nieuport types 10/12, in 1915 – 1916. A colorful two-page spread (shown below) adds much to the feature.

As always, there are many product and retailer advertisements and few surprise side-bar gems here and there, thrown in for good measure. This issue is highly recommended to WWI aircraft model builders and those with a particular interest in WWI aviation history.

My thanks to Albatros Productions and IPMS/USA for the opportunity to review another issue of this excellent publication.


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