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July 16, 2014
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Softcover, 36 pages (including covers), modeling articles, period photos, technical drawings
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Vol.30, No.2

Windsock WWC Summer 2014 is the second issue of Volume 30…and/or the second edition of the first centenary year of Albatros’ rebranded publication. It provides readers with a substantial amount of WWI aircraft modeling information and both historical and technical reference. An extended FRONT LINE NEWS section leads into the regular columns: OUR READERS GALLERY (Featuring two very well-built Nieuports) and LOGBOOK ENTRIES (Reviewing 4 new titles) before getting into the meat of this issue. What follows is a 3+ page article (complimented by multiple color photos) about an impressive large scale radio-controlled Avro 504K powered by a fully operational 1:4 scale Bentley rotary engine that makes this unique combination fly as well as it looks!

In the editor's third ‘Coloured Thinking’ article, Ray Rimell attempts to unravel the controversial colors of the German Roland C.II, in a piece that includes archival photos and three Ronnny Bar profiles to add to the detailed reviews of Wingnut Wing's recent releases that follow on later pages.

Then a page featuring superb archive photos of the Polish Nieuport 24bis flown by Julian Gilewicz gives readers a pause before they turn the page and discover the first installment of Lance Krieg's latest project…a1914 semi-scratchbuilt 1:48 scale Taube that is a perfect 'Great War' centenary project to both inspire and impress WWI aircraft model builders. Then the issue’s center spread features a variety of post-war International Fokker D.VIIs in GREAT WAR PAINT • No13, FOKKER D.VII Germany, 1918 (Part2).

Following that is a 4-page article with build notes for a 1:72 OEF D.III that includes scale plans by George Haddow, 12 color photos detailing construction of the Roden kit, and nine archival photos of the actual aircraft’s engine and cockpit. IN YOUR KITBAG then reviews some interesting new kits from Encore and Choroszy Modelbud and WNW’s latest Roland kits…the D.VIb and both versions of the C.II Walfisch.

The issue’s concluding pages provide news of the latest 1:32 and 1:16 scale pilot and crew figures and the growing number of WWI military vehicle model kits with an aeronautical connections along with the usual product and retailer advertisements of interest to readers of this publication.

It is important to remind longtime readers of Windsock Worldwide that with the change to WWC, both WINDSOCK and the current DATAFILE series are now published on a quarterly schedule.

This publication is highly recommended to WWI aircraft model builders and those with an interest in WWI aviation history. My thanks to Albatros Productions for providing the review copy of this excellent publication and IPMS/USA for the opportunity to review it.


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