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March 28, 2015
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In recent years the art of realistically weathering models, of almost any genre, has been both a heated topic and a much sought after skill, one that has been changing and evolving regularly. Modelers from different areas of the globe often have very different techniques, which come through as very different results on their finished products. Some of these are very subtle and must be carefully examined to detect all of the nuances while others are very bold and jump right out at the viewer. Some modelers are happy to share their weathering techniques and others are reluctant to reveal the secrets to their incredible finishes.

Fortunately for us, AMMO products, by Mig Jimenez, has worked to pull together a group of modelers with the former traits: not only happy to share, but willing and able to put it into words and pictures these techniques for all to see and try. AMMO presents their work in “The Weathering Magazine”.


  • Chris Flodberg
  • Iain Hamilton
  • Sergio Fenoy
  • Jean-Bernard Andre’
  • Diego Quijano
  • Rodrigo Hernandez Cabos
  • Javier Soler
  • Rick Lawler

The Weathering Magazine is currently being produced in seven (7) languages and is available in both print and electronic formats. In print, all pages are full color, on heavy gloss paper, and are in a standard magazine format (8.25” x 11.75”). To date there are ten (10) issues published covering varied aspects of model weathering that have eluded many of us (previous issues include Mud, Snow & Ice, Rust, Chipping and many other subjects).

The current issue is entitled “Water” and shows techniques for creating anything from puddles to oceans, still water to raging rivers. Eight authors place their skills and expertise on display in this 62-page publication. The six (6) articles cover a variety of modeling subjects including ships, tanks, cars, aircraft and scenery. Two of the authors have galleries showing additional examples of their incredible work. Towards the back of the magazine is a two 2-page layout of pictures from modelers and modeling events from around the world. Be warned, the magazine also includes a female model (flesh and blood, not plastic), in different outfits, added into several articles. Some of her poses may be considered risqué by some, while thoroughly enjoyed by others.

Each author explains, via text and picture, how the water effect is boxed, created, the materials used (one author uses oat bran as filler - who would have thought?), the layers, the methods, etc.

Each article is well written, clearly explained and includes an excellent assortment of photographs. I found the information to be very interesting and enlightening on the subject of creating scale water effects and would highly recommend this title, as well as the other nine (9) to any modeler wishing to build on their current weathering skills! A big ‘Thanks’ goes out to Iain Hamilton, US distributor of AMMO products and to AMMO for providing the review sample and this invaluable publication.


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