Rome’s Northern Enemies - Painting Wargaming Figures

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Andy Singleton
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144 pages. soft cover, many how to color photos
Company: Pen & Sword - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: Casemate UK - Website: Visit Site
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This volume on painting war gaming figures focuses on Rome’s Northern Enemies - the British, Celts, Germans and Dacians and one of the first things that struck me was how applicable this would be to all war gaming figures. The book is a complete tutorial from soup to nuts on building, modifying, basing and painting figures. A quick look at the Table of Contents shows what I mean:

  • Chapter 1 - Tips and Tools
  • Chapter 2 - Weapons and Armour of Iran Age Europe
  • Chapter 3 - Shield Designs
  • Chapter 4 - Garment Designs
  • Chapter 5 - Body Designs
  • Chapter 6 - The Horse at War
  • Chapter 7 - Basing
  • Appendix A - Manufacturers List

So we start with tools and finish with bases - a complete tutorial. Looking at the book overall, it is beautifully photographed and there are many great instructions with step-by-step photos showing how to achieve excellent results. From a modelers point, this is wonderful showing the progression of painting with photos.

Let’s take a deeper look at several of the instructions in the book. First, there is an entire section labeled “Body Designs” which is body painting or tattooing the barbarians did to signify familial heritage, express religious beliefs or other symbolic purposes. Mr. Singleton walks you through the process indicating not only what paint he uses but what type and size of brush. The step-by-step process goes from base coating to shading to finishing the skin as a base coat. He then details adding the body paint and tattoos using four different examples with a range of colors and designs. All are well illustrated, and the accompanying text can answer any remaining questions. In the end, four tattooed barbarians are completed.

A separate chapter follows the same methods for painting horses. There are three methods for painting a brown, grey and black horse each with fully illustrated pictures. Each finished horse is well shown also. Lastly, there is a section for all the components all horses need - how to paint leather for straps and the like, how to add strapping and lastly, how to build and add a chariot to your horses.

Each chapter from figure preparation to adding a base is included with the same methodology and detail. This is an excellent resource for figure painters in general and especially those that like war gaming figures.

Highly recommended to both seasoned and novice figure painters. There are many good recommendations and tricks to help painters of all levels.

My thanks to Pen and Sword and Casemate Publishers for the opportunity to review this book.


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