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February 1, 2015
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DXM, or Double Excellent Model, is relatively new to the world of decals. The company is from Taiwan and is offering a growing line of decals for the aircraft modeler. Take a few minutes and check out their website as they offer a wide range of modern aircraft schemes and different markings, including many JASDF schemes.

Today’s review covers their excellent 1/48 scale F-14B Tomcat sheet for VF-103 Jolly Rogers.

The decal sheet comes in a sealed plastic sleeve and includes a large decal sheet, along with a smaller one for the US star-and-bars roundels, and a second smaller sheet for formation lights. The decals themselves are printed by Cartograf and are of their usual excellent quality. All decals are in excellent register, and there is no extra film to trim.

Markings are included for four aircraft:

  • B/U 162918, AA-100, 2004, USS John F Kennedy, F-14B Upgrade
  • B/U 161855, AA-112, 2002, USS George Washington, F-14B TARPS Upgrade
  • B/U 162691, AA-102, 1999, USS George Washington, F-14B Upgrade
  • B/U 161862, AA-107, 2004, USS John F Kennedy, F-14B Upgrade

One of the best things about this huge sheet is that allows the builder to choose from a low-visibility to a high-visibility scheme and several in between

Also included is a full-color placement guide that provides color callouts referencing not only the Federal Standard numbers, but also the GSI Mr. Color paint line and the Humbrol paint line. All decals are marked on the sheet with a number and the placement guide clearly shows where everything goes. The guide does not specify any specific manufacture’s kit to use, so pick your favorite and start building. The aircraft are all the F-14B Upgrade, and one is equipped with the TARPS Upgrade.

I can’t say enough about this sheet. If you are a Tomcat fan or really enjoy the Jolly Rogers, check this sheet out! You won’t be disappointed. Highly recommended.

Thanks to DXM Decals for the review sample and thanks to IPMS/USA for the chance to review these decals.


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