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July 10, 2016
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AFV Club’s F-5E/F Tiger II kits
Company: Furball Aero-Design - Website: Visit Site
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New on the scene, at least to this modeler, is the availability of canopy frame decals for modern jet aircraft. Close examination of many modern jet canopies and windscreen reveals a thin line between the clear and the subjects primary paint color. Often times a model omits replicating that detail, and occasionally modelers will attempt to replicate with paint or colored decal strips.

Furball brings a simpler, yet more elegant solution: Purpose-fit decals to replicate those thin lines. Picking up where canopy masks leave off, the Furball canopy frame decals provide a precise, crisp, easy-to-use solution. Furball Aero-Design delivers well with its 1/48 set designed for AFV Club’s F-5E/F Tiger II kits.

The single sheet of light gray decals will handle both a single F-5E and a single F-5F kit. Printing is crisp and edge carrier film is kept to a minimum (but care should be taken to trim right along the colored line). Decals are thin, but relatively sturdy and forgiving during transfer to the model. The sample set settled down nicely on the Future-painted F-5F canopies and windscreen. The only notable discrepancy is that they were just a tad short in the fore-aft dimension, but barely noticeable at arm’s length. It should be noted that Furball’s F-5E/F Canopy and Wheel Hub Mask Set (FMS-022) (include link to review) was used to mask the canopies. Overall effect of the decals is very good, although a little fine touch-up painting will be needed to close the gaps between the decals and the canopy edges.

All said, the decals did a good job in depicting the canopy frames, and I recommend this decal set to modelers looking for a bit more “pop” around their F-5 canopies.

Thanks to Furball Aero-Design for the review sample and to IPMS/USA for affording the opportunity to share this review.


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