U.S. Aircraft Drop Tank Caps

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PE Fret

THANK YOU to our friends and suppliers at Brengun for this sending us review items like this fuel tank cap set! And thanks also to the reviewer corps leaders for making them available to me to review….

This set takes the kit components and improves them by providing a more 3-d effect after installation. This simple set has different fuel caps for use on aircraft and, most assuredly, on other items in 1/48 scale. Included are 50 caps of various designs, sufficient for several WWII fighters

To use this set is actually simple; prepare the kit fuel cap area by removing any detail, and use a spot of gel or thick superglue (a VERY SMALL SPOT or you will have ooze) to hold the part in place.

I never would have thought a set like this would have utility, but when placed next to the kit part, I see the improved appearance.

Highly recommended for improved detail; Brengun/Hauler has many other interesting items in their catalog, and I’m impressed with their work! Thanks again to Brengun/Hauler and IPMS USA for providing these items…


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