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October 27, 2014
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In this BRASSIN detail set, Eduard provides modelers with a quick and easy way to add a pair of highly realistic looking AN-M30 “general purpose – high explosive” 500lb bombs to a 1:32 scale aircraft model. The set includes resin and photo-etched brass parts and a small decal sheet for the color bands and stenciled identification. Two resin parts and three photo-etched parts make up each bomb and the decals add all markings needed for finishing the assembled and painted models. This multi-media combination promises realistic looking results.

A folded full-color instruction sheet is included that provides all information needed to assemble the parts into highly detailed models of a standard 500lb bomb (and then paint & decal them). The assembly process is not difficult, but the delicate parts do require a modicum of care. Each of the resin components come attached to small casting blocks that must be removed (a razor saw and #11 blade…and a steady hand will do the job). Note that the tail fins are thin and delicate and the photo-etched parts on the small fret are brass so they can be cut and bent easily. I say bent because the propeller blades should be twisted a bit after they are removed for the fret to really look like the propellers for the front and rear of each bomb.

Assembly involves attaching the resin bomb casing and tail fins, adding the nose mounted arming vane (propeller), drilling a small hole in the rear of the bomb casing to insert the rear propeller shaft and twisting angles into the propeller blades before attaching them. Obviously, everything must be assembled with superglue or 5-minute epoxy. Adding the decals to the assembled and painted models finish everything off nicely as the photo below shows. Be advised that the decals are very thin and will quickly fold over themselves if not applied with reasonable care.

This enjoyable little project will yield two very convincing 500lb bombs. This BRASSIN set is highly recommended to modelers who would like to add an added level of detail to a 1:32 scale bomber or ground attack aircraft. My thanks to Eduard for the review sample and IPMS/USA for the opportunity to assemble and review this impressive detail set.


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