UC-78/T-50 Landing Gear

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October 21, 2012
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Special Hobby 1/48 UC-78/T-50 Bobcat
Provided by: Scale Aircraft Conversions - Website: Visit Site

Thanks to SAC for providing IPMS USA the opportunity to review one of their prolific product line…and IPMS USA for letting me take a gander!

First and up front, this is not a build review. That is because there are no more Special Hobby UC-78/T-50’s out there to purchase! (And, no, I am not paying e-bay collector prices for a kit that I would not normally build.) I thought this gear went to a build on another aircraft called a T-50, which is a Korean trainer jet. I’m working that review right now…and an excellent kit it is.

HOWEVER, I know that SAC provides a simple, workable solution to the problem with scale plastic landing gear…do it in metal! Short-run model companies are low-production companies compared to mainstream model kit manufacturers, and as such the plastic is a bit softer than others. That means any heavy models will have the landing gear splay, fail, or just break over time. SAC takes the problem head-on by providing accurate, well-produced landing gear in metal for our models. And, in my opinion, it’s worth every dime (euro, peso, wan, whatever) to make sure YOUR efforts stand the test of time. Literally!

So, what you see in the package is (what I presume to be) exact replacements for the Special Hobby items. I know from personal experience that these gear hold up and provide structural rigidity…and are highly recommended replacements. Bite the bullet and do it! (And, if anyone wants these gear for your stashed UC-78/T-50, let me know through the reviewer corps, because I’m happy to send them to you for the price of postage!)

Thanks once again to SAC for raising the bar and taking care of a vital upgrade to our models!


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