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February 28, 2013
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Great Wall 1/48 TBD-1 Devastator
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Years ago, Eduard produced a photo etch set for the Monogram Devastator that really breathed some life into that venerable old kit. With the release of the new Great Wall Hobby Devastator, once again Eduard comes through with a PE set that pushes detailing well beyond the already superb lever that the kit itself provides. I had hoped to receive this set in time to use it with the GWH Devastator that I was building for IPMS review. As it turned out, the Devastator build was nearly completed before this set arrived. Nevertheless, here’s a rundown of what you get.

This new Big Ed set is a combination of four photo etch sheets and a complete set of vinyl canopy and wheel masks. The Flap sheet has supports, bracing, and flap parts for both the upper and lower wing. This is especially helpful, as there is a noticeable gap created with the joining of the kit’s lower wing to the fuselage. These parts should hide that opening completely.

The Exterior sheet contains parts for the engine wiring, wheel hubs and wheel well boxing, torpedo parts (warhead and fin boxes, as well as attachment straps), bomb racks, numerous hatches, and interiors to the bombardier’s doors.

The two Interior sheets contain an explosion of mostly cockpit parts, most very small and too numerous to list completely, but include pre-painted instrument panels and consoles, seat belts, bulkheads, and dozens of wall and bulkhead details; radio, canopy and machine gun details (including scarf ring and belts of bullets), as well as machine gun storage panels and doors.

The mask set includes pre-cut vinyl panels for both the whole canopy section and the seven individual sections. Also included are wheel hub masks. These will be very handy, as the kit’s interior hubs are nearly indistinguishable from the tires. Unlike the kit’s masks, these are thin, flexible, and sticky enough to stay in place while spray painting, and they properly fit the canopy window panels as they should.

If you’re into minute, realistic details and your eyesight is still good, then this is the set to have for Devastator enthusiasts. It’ll do just about everything for your TBD but make it fly. Thanks to Eduard for providing this set for IPMS to review, and IPMSD-USA for allowing me to review it.


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