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The Parts

These resin position lights from Quickboost are intended for any of the 1/72nd Eduard Bf-110C/D/E/F models. There are a total of six resin parts, but two of those parts are extra “lenses” in case you lose one cutting it from the resin block; smart move Quickboost! The parts are exceptionally well molded and feature rivet detail like the kit’s parts. Of note, the Eduard kit has very subtle rivet details, whereas rivet detail on the Quickboost parts are a little more pronounced/deeper. Personally, I am a fan of the way Quickboost depicted the rivet detail as I feel the rivet detail on Eduard’s kit may get lost under some primer and paint.

I used a new Xacto blade to remove the resin parts from their pour blocks. The parts were easy to remove and required very little clean up. These parts are a drop-in replacement for the kit parts. The bonus with these resin formation lights is that you get separate green and red clear resin “lenses.” Though this seems like a small improvement over the kit parts, it will definitely be noticeable on the finished model. A bonus is that you can leave the lights off until after painting/weathering.


These parts from Quickboost compliment their other resin replacement parts for Eduard’s already superb Bf-110 series of kits. Specifically, the position lights add that little extra detail that may set your model apart from an out-of-box kit. The parts are easy to remove and install, and I would highly recommend these to anyone building Eduard’s kit!

A special “thank you” goes to Aires-Quickboost and IPMS USA for the review sample!


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