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August 25, 2018
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AMC 48005
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Amigo Models, and their separate product line of Advanced Modeling are producing some of the finest Russian accessories available.

The latest for this reviewer is the Twin Stores Carrier with BD3-USK for the Su-34 and Su-35 series of aircraft. The rack itself is designed to be used with either rocket launchers or bombs. This makes for a versatile underwing stores carrier.

The set comes in a resealable package with cardstock backing. The instructions are glued to that card stock. They are printed in black and white. Languages are in English and Russian, but the pictures are easy to understand and shows what needs to be done very clearly.

The resin is cast perfectly in light grey resin. Some of the parts are again wrapped in resealable packaging to safeguard them. There are eight resin pour stubs with enough parts to build up two carriers with two BD3 launchers each. There are 18 pieces total included. The actual launcher itself is on its own pour block. Then there are four of the BD3 launchers to fit under the carriers. The detail included is impressive, to say the least. These are miniatures of the real thing. There are two resin blocks with the sway braces and electrical connectors. The instructions let you know where they go, depending on the stores to hang underneath, towards the end for rocket launchers and mid-span for the bombs.

Assembly is very straightforward. There are no alignment points to add the launchers to the carrier, but they are streamlined and should fit flush at the front. Clean up is easy enough. The detail is not compromised by the molding. You will want to pin the launcher to the wing but this is easy enough to do. The website has some very helpful reference photos in the product information.

This simple set will add dramatically to your Su-34 or Su-35 kits, whether it is the Kitty Hawk one or the HobbyBoss. Now the only thing left to decide is what to hang underneath it. Advanced Modeling and Amigo can help you there as well. Another great set from this Russian model company.

Highly recommended

Thanks to Amigo Models and IPMS/USA for the review item. You can obtain yours by contacting them directly at . The website is all in Russian as is the pricing, but the stuff is incredible.


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