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March 26, 2017
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The Truck Driver is the second in a series of kits called Tales of the Apocalypse. The title for this kit is “Day 1, 11:50am on freeway”, and the figure represents an unfortunate truck driver who died in a horrific crash after his body was propelled through the windshield head first! Although his body is smashed and torn from the impact of the crash, his reanimated corpse is now stalking his prey. Let this be a lesson to make sure you always wear your seat belt.

This series of 1/16 scale plastic figures from Gecco represent the victims and survivors of the first day of the Apocalypse. Gecco is probably better known for their lines of vinyl action figures depicting various characters from video games, or the resin science fiction busts and figures. However, these new offerings are very nicely done.

The figure stands about 4 inches tall and includes the option of adding exposed organs, or the driver’s trucker hat. I didn’t really care for the way these additions would fit, or look on the model, so I choose to leave them off. The kit consists 15 parts, including the optional hat and organs, and the sprues come in vacuum-sealed packaging, not on a single sprue. The outer packaging is really superb. The whole kit comes packed in a box made to look like a VHS tape, with wear and stickers consistent of what you would see in a late-80s video rental shop. It’s very cool, and brought back memories of renting B horror movies on the weekends in my youth. The instructions are simple, and add to the backstory of the Truck Driver by being printed in the format of a local newspaper. It’s really some very unique and effective packaging.

Once you tear into the packaging, your find some nicely detailed parts with very minimal mold lines. The parts were easily cleaned with the back of a hobby knife and some fine grit sandpaper. The entire kit can nearly be test fitted without any glue. I did use a couple pieces of tape to get the overall look of the figure, as well as to plan the best way to assemble it. There was a seam on each hand where the hand attached to the forearm/wrist that needed some filler, but for the most part, once it was glued together, the fit was excellent.

I used a combination of Vallejo and Tamiya paints, with a mixture of Tamiya Clear Red and Citadel’s Agrax Earthshade being used to simulate fresh blood. I tried to keep skin tones pale to simulate a reanimated corpse. After completing the figure, I added him to a small base consisting of a slice of a branch from the yard with some added foliage to simulate walking through some grass.

This kit is highly recommended. Fit is easy and quick, and the overall model is nicely detailed with some really awesome packaging. Thanks to Gecco and IPMS/USA for this review kit.


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