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Published: September 10, 2021
Company: Tiger Werke

I can’t be the only one who has accidentally knocked over an open bottle of plastic cement while working on a model. The damage it does to your cutting matte can be pretty awful, but if it spills onto a sprue of parts or the model itself, it could downright ruin your day. Well, have no fear Tiger Werke has that issue solved, or at least has made it nearly impossible to happen again. Those fine… more


Sturmpanzer IV Brummbär

Published: September 10, 2021
Book Author(s): Krysztof Mucha
Company: Kagero Publishing

A variant of the iconic Panzer IV, the Sturmpanzer IV Brummbär (SdKfz 166, Sturmgeschütz IV für 15cm StuH 43) was a German self-propelled assault gun. Work on the design began in 1942 with a goal of creating a vehicle well suited for the demands of urban warfare. The gun was based on the PzKpfw IV Ausf. E and F and, later, Ausf. G. Initially, the vehicle carried 15 cm StuH 43 howitzer, which… more

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Turret for Panzer IV, Ausf. H

Published: April 8, 2021
Company: OKB Grigorov

OKB Grigorov produces resin kits and accessories. The kits are 1/700 submarines and 1/72 armor. The accessories are for 1/35 and 1/72 armor. I’ve built a couple of the kits, and some of the resin upgrade pieces, and they provide incredible detail.

This kit is an upgrade turret for any 1/72 Panzer IV kit, and I doubt you’ll find a better 1/72nd turret out there. The kit comes packed in… more

Italeri Field Howitzer

15cm Field Howitzer/10.5cm Field Gun

Published: December 19, 2020
Company: Italeri

The 150 mm SFH18 Howitzer was widely deployed by the German army on all the key fronts during World War 2. Developed in secret, during the years limiting German rearmament under the conditions in the Treaty of Versailles, when Germany began their rearmament in 1933, it was a fully functioning design ready for immediate deployment. Interestingly enough, its first combat use was by the Chinese… more

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Spotlight On Battle of Britain Defenders

Published: November 8, 2020
Book Author(s): Andrzej M. Olejniczak
Company: Mushroom Model Publications - MMP Books

The latest title in the "Spotlight On" series published by Mushroom Model Publications focuses on 40 individual aircraft that defended the UK skies during the Battle of Britain. While the Supermarine Spitfire and its pilots are probably most celebrated as the heroes of the air war, it was the Hawker Hurricane that was the true work horse of the battles raging over England 81 years ago.


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2S19-M1 Self-Propelled Howitzer

Published: November 6, 2020
Company: Hobby Boss

One of Hobby Boss’ latest releases is the Russian self-propelled howitzer known as the Msta-S, or officially the 2S19-M1. The design of these vehicle began in the early 80s under the “Ob-yekt 316” program. Mounting a 152mm howitzer, the Msta-S can fire just about every type of munition in the Russian arsenal, including all types of high explosive, smoke, chemical, tactical nuclear, and even… more


Panzerfaust vs. Sherman, European Theater 1944 - 1945

Published: September 1, 2020
Book Author(s): Steven J. Zaloga
Company: Osprey Publishing

Osprey's Duel series is a well-established line of books providing an overview of machine-on-machine combat action from design and development through combat. The books include a thorough analysis of the elements which affected the overall outcome of specific battles, or operations.

This volume focuses on Germany’s development of the anti-tank weapons that could be carried by a… more


German Flak Defenses vs. Allied Heavy Bombers, 1942 - 1945

Published: September 1, 2020
Book Author(s): Donald Nijboer
Company: Osprey Publishing

As with all the Osprey Duel series books, most of the book provides a detailed description of the weapons and equipment involved. This book is no different with a large section of the book covering the various heavy bombers used by the Allies from the early RAF Short Sterling and Halifax bombers, to the US B-17 and B-24 heavy bombers. Interestingly enough, while the Lancaster is discussed, in… more

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Walker Bulldog vs. T-54

Published: December 21, 2019
Book Author(s): Chris McNab; Illustrator: Alan Gilliland, Johnny Shumate
Company: Osprey Publishing

Osprey’s Duel series is a well-established line of books providing an overview of machine-on-machine combat action from design and development through combat. The books include a thorough analysis of the elements which affected the overall outcome of specific battles.

This volume focuses on some lessor known armor actions of the Vietnam war. When we think of the battles in Vietnam, we… more


T-62 MBT

Published: November 20, 2019
Company: Brengun, Hauler

Brengun, based in the Czech Republic, is known for producing a range of photo-etched and resin accessories for airplane models. They also produce a small number of 1/72nd and 1/144th model sets in both plastic and resin. One of their resin kits is the T-62 Main Battle Tank in 1/144 scale.

The T-62 entered service with Soviet Union in 1961, and remained in service with the former Soviet… more