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Moebius’ latest is the Iron Man Mark VI armor, as seen in the 2012 film "The Avengers", and also in the previous film "Iron Man 2". The kit was made directly from the film's CGI files, so is a 100% movie-accurate kit. Iron Man is dynamically posed and ready to fire his hand energy weapon. The pose is very well done, including the undeniable swagger and stance that Robert Downey Jr. puts into the character on-screen.

47 parts are molded in Red and white on six sprues. The kit is sold as a Skill Level 3 kit, not because of the complexity of the construction, but because a good working understanding of advanced modeling techniques, especially gap and seam-filling, are required. Absolutely no flash or imperfections in the kit were found at all.

Assembly is straight-forward, all the locator pins line up perfectly, as is expected from modern, accurate computer-designed model kits. Thankfully, digital design has eliminated the old problems of having to cut the locator pins off for a proper fit.

The instructions suggest building and painting the different sub-assemblies before construction. However, this is impossible if you intend on filling join seams properly. The kit is chock full of recessed armor panel lines, so you must be careful when filling and sanding seams so that you don't accidentally fill a panel line or sand something unintentionally. In my opinion, this is the real reason the kit is considered a Skill Level 3 kit. I would strongly suggest researching images online to help your filling and sanding so you can be as accurate as possible with this step before painting.

Painting this kit was an absolute joy for me. Thankfully, the kit instructions do not recommend colors from certain paint manufacturers. I painted mine with Vallejo Acrylics, using a mix of airbrush and brush techniques.

This kit challenged me to incorporate many varied painting techniques and forced me out of my usual comfort zone, including: mixing metallic paint colors in the airbrush color cup, pre-shading, black lining, use of gloss clear-coats, and 3D weathering.

I give many thanks to Moebius Models and IPMS/USA for this sample kit to review. I am now eagerly awaiting the upcoming release of Moebius' War Machine kit!


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