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February 3, 2020
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Base Kit
Any US 1/48 Fighter/Bomber 1970-1995
Company: Videoaviation - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: Videoaviation - Website: Visit Site has been producing superb aftermarket diorama accessories and munitions for a fair amount of time. One of its latest offerings is the SUU-30 (CBU-54) H/B Late cluster bomb unit. The SUU-30 is the actual canister holding all the smaller cluster bomblets. This unit was used from post Viet War, late Cold War until 1991 Gulf War.

Inside the package, you will find parts to make six complete cluster bomb dispensers. The bomb units are broken down into front and back parts (six of each), a photoetch fret to add the fins at the rear of the bomb and a set of decals and instructions. Casting is superb with cream colored resin being used.

Preparation is simple. Cut the fin and nose sections from their casting blocks. Make sure to be as square as possible to insure a good join and minimal seam. Glue the front and back together. Once dry, I feathered the seam with glazing putty wiped with lacquer thinner. I added the fins to the tail which fit perfectly and selected a fuse.

Once done, I primed with Alclad gray and then shot the entire bomb with Tamiya olive drab.. A gloss coat and decals were next. The decals settled well with Microsol/Microset. I added a oil wash to bring out the excellent surface detail and them a flat coat.

This is a fine addition to the Videoaviation line and will look great added to some F-4’s or A’6’s. Construction is simple and detail is great. Plus you get 6 of these beauties for a little over $11 and they are vastly superior to kit pats. Definitely recommended.

My thanks to for the sample and to IPMS/USA for allowing me to review it.


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