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Trumpeter Su-24MR
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This set in designed for Trumpeter’s new Su-24MR “Fencer E” and includes masks for both the clear parts and the wheel hubs. The masks for the clear parts include two part masks for each of the canopy hatches which are nicely curved to match the contours of each hatch. They also include masks for the inner edges for each side of the windscreen, leaving the centers open to be filled in with liquid mask, or as I did with scrap masking from the edges of the set. There are also three small masks for the windows in the ventral strike camera fairing. All of the masks fit great and will make painting the clear parts much easier. I am going to see if I can reuse the hatch masks on the insides of the hatches by swapping sides with the masks after painting.

The set includes masks for the wheel hubs on each of the six wheels. There are two masks for each wheel allowing you to first paint the hubs, then mask them off and paint the tires. I prefer this method of masking to painting the tires, then masking them off and painting the hubs, as the masks for the tires are easily distorted when removed from the backing sheet as they are so narrow.

I had resisted using Eduard’s masking sets for a long time, for a reason I no longer remember, but having now converted, I admit to being disappointed when I can find a set for a project.

This set is highly recommended and thank you to Eduard for the review sample and to IPMS-USA for letting me try it out.


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