Spoiler and Flap Mask Set for Tamiya F-14

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Furball; a dogfighters’ term for a fighter-themed modeling company. We sincerely appreciate Furball Aero-Design’s support of IPMS USA and their providing one more of their great products for review. And thanks to the reviewer corps leaders for sending this set to me to review!

Everyone who loves to mask flaps and slats on white-belly marked F-14’s, raise your hands. (Not you, Scott, I know you hate Navy stuff and won’t touch them). Long story there...

Anyway, for the other hundreds who didn’t raise your hands and laboriously mask off the white slats and flaps on your Tomcats with bits of masking tape and swearing profusely, Furball has a simple solution: This very fine vinyl mask set!

To use: assemble Tamiya’s F-14 wings, and do all your prep work (seams, etc). Stick the wings on a holding fixture (I found the kit runners had some candidates), then primer with white.

A note here: let the paint fully cure HARD. Because the adhesive on these masks is aggressive and works well to hold the masks in place. Skip this step at your own peril.

I used Tamiya Spray flat primer for this part; Let cure for a day or so, then shoot the top and bottom of the wings with gloss white. I personally used Duplicolor; let the color sit for a day, then apply the Furball masks carefully burnishing down the outline into the nooks and crannies.

Shoot your favorite topside flat Gull gray (Light), let set (but not cure) then remove the masks. That way you can clean up any creepers under the mask (of which I had none).

You are now finished and ready for gloss coat

WORTH EVER PENNY! The finished product justifies the minor outlay.

Highest ratings to Furball for this set; I was very pleased with the value… Use knowing you are saving yourself a lot of angst. Thanks Furball for taking care of us!


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