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June 1, 2017
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Wingnut Wings
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Scale Aircraft Conversions (SAC) offers an extensive range of replacement landing gear parts for a wide variety of kits. I have some experience using SAC items to replace kit parts and I’ve found that the SAC items add strength to the model without sacrificing any of the detail found on the original parts.

I tend to be a rather heavy-handed modeler and I have a history with WWI models which is self-made and not a reflection on the quality of the original kit. I’ve snapped wing struts, tail skids, and I’m especially rough on the undercarriage support structures. Knowing that I’ve “got a problem”, I have found that SAC gear replacement parts are a positive addition to my modeling effort.

This Side-by-Side review compares the original kit parts found in the WNW Sopwith Pup kit to the SAC #3211 replacement parts for that kit.

The image labeled, “Package” is typical of the product package for SAC gear. Please note that the clear plastic “box” in which the parts are displayed has been removed from the package so that the parts within can be viewed without any light reflection from the package surface causing interference. When shipped to buyers, the gear set(s) are contained in a sturdy cardboard box with Styrofoam shipping eggs so there will be no damage to the product package and no damage to the parts.

The parts are made of metal and are duplicates of the original parts. No detail found on the original kit parts is missing. The size and shape are identical, the locating pins or locating holes are the same, it is, for all intents and purposes a perfect match. This is important when working with kits of exceptional quality such as the Wingnut Wings kit for which this set is intended. The metal SAC parts, once painted and installed, blend into the kit just as the original plastic parts would have done. The significant difference between the original parts and the SAC parts, however, is “strength”. The metal parts will bend but unless some catastrophic accident occurs, they will not break.

When viewing the images associated with this review please note that the original kit parts are gray and appear above the SAC part in each image.

The parts included in SAC 32111 are

  • Image 1 - Split Axle Component, Kit Part # A28
  • Image 2 - Tail Skid, Kit Part # B2
  • Image 3 - Undercarriage A-Frames, Kit Parts # A18 and A20

An experienced modeler can most certainly build the WNW Sopwith Pup using the original kit parts. I tend to need the enhanced strength for my WNW projects provided by the SAC gear.

This product ranked a “highly recommended” comment due to the detail found on the product parts, the strength of the parts, and the reasonable price for the product.

Thanks to Scale Aircraft Conversions for making this gear set, #32111, available to IPMS/USA for this review.


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