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January 7, 2018
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Kitty Hawk UH-1D
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This set is designed for the Kitty Hawk UH-1D. While not marketed as an interior set because there are other parts in here. There are two frets included. One is a pre-painted one that is also available in the ZOOM set and the other is brass.

The first fret is a simple little pre-painted fret which is a perfect accessory for the Kitty Hawk UH-1D. One of the things about the Kitty Hawk kit is that it has an instrument panel with extra gauges that were added after Vietnam. It also is painted flat black while Vietnam era aircraft had light grey interiors.

This fret features some of the exquisite detail that is common for the Eduard pre-painted frets. There is simply no way that you can paint this good. The instrument panel is a perfect example of the type and markings used in Vietnam. There is also detail on the overhead and lower console. These will look impressive when installed in the cockpit.

Installation is easy. Simply sand down the kit detail and add the new pre-painted parts. I’d recommend painting the parts flat and then adding some Krystal Kleer to the instrument faces to restore the glass look.

The second fret is also great, although it isn’t pre-painted. This brass fret includes the cabin door emergency exit handles that aren’t in the kit. They also add some missing detail on the cabin bulkheads. The vertical supports replace some of the kit part. This will be more realistic looking than the plastic parts in the kit.

One thing that is missing from the kit is the ammo chutes for the M-60 door guns. This set includes them. I do wish that the fret was silver nickel for just this part alone.

This set is exactly what photo etch is designed for. I think this set is an essential item to upgrade the Kitty Hawk UH-1D. It really does have important items that are required to be upgraded. The emergency exit handles are quite visible and the ammo chute is another item that you need. The additional parts for the vertical supports and the bulkheads are really nice. It also includes the windscreen wipers but I kind of like the kit ones.

Highly recommended

Thanks to Eduard and IPMS/USA for the review items. You can obtain yours by contacting Eduard at www.eduard.com or you local hobby shop or online retailer.


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