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September 6, 2014
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Company: Brengun - Website: Visit Site
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Provided by: Hauler - Website: Visit Site

First, I’d like to offer my thanks to Hauler-Brengun and the IPMS Reviewers’ Corps for allowing me to review this unique diorama accessory.

The modern full-scale shopping cart has a fairly long development history, which is well documented on Wikipedia and other internet sources. The 1/48 scale Brengun shopping cart (or trolley, in many European markets) represents one of the smaller, tactical carts, as opposed to the larger plastic behemoths that swallow impulse purchases without end. My personal experience with this type of cart has often occurred at manufacturing sites. There, I have witnessed impossible amounts of parts and tools being cheerfully wheeled about in similar carts. Certainly, this excellent cart from Brengun could add an eye-catching detail to many potential diorama scenes.

The kit components arrived in a 5.5 x 2.75 inch plastic pouch with the resin and photo-etch parts individually packaged. A simple and very adequate black-and-white instruction sheet illustrates the five assembly steps. The photo-etched metal is silver with a hint of a brass tint. The parts were easily detached from the fret, and the relief-etched fold lines are very easy to see. The metal is very finely etched and is malleable enough to easily bend without too much pressure. I should have used extra-thin cyanoacrylate to secure the seams, as the thin cement tended to fill the details a bit. The bulk of the cart is a single folded piece, with additional parts for the child seat, the cart handle, and swivel casters.

I put the cart together in about an hour, with most of that time spent with the very small casters. Each caster has three resin and brass parts. The assembly was very straight forward, and I am pleased with the result. I recommend this kit for any situation in which an extra common-place detail is needed, as Brengun has done a great job with a unique subject.

Thanks to Hauler-Brengun for providing this cool accessory for review! Thank you to the Reviewer Corps for making all this happen; it is great to be part of the team.


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