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RCH 35045
Company: Riich Models
Provided by: Dragon Models USA - Website: Visit Site
Box Art

This is a multimedia kit comprised of 110+ styrene parts, one photo etched parts fret, and a standard set of instructions. They need to be reviewed very carefully before gluing any parts together.

  • Step 1. This builds the basic stove box. Make sure you paint the tub (part B43) before you add the stove top to the frame. If you are going to display the model without a base you will need to add some lead “nose” weights to the front of the stove to offset the weight of the cook on the rear step to keep it from tilting backwards. If you are going to glue the kit down on a base, you don’t need to add any “nose” weights
  • Step 2. This step adds some of the stove doors and the transport frame.
  • Step 3. This step continues to add the transport frame axle and brake shoes.
  • Step 4. This step adds the leaf springs and the two Photo Etched ash plates to the bottom of the stove.
  • Step 5. This step adds the fold down Photo Etch step that the fat cook stands on. Make sure you get it correctly located and well glued in.
  • Step 6. This step adds the covers to the top of the stove. There is a lot of Photo Etch here, but it should go on without much problems.
  • Step 7. This step builds the portable hot food transport container. This has a lot of Photo Etch and it can be posed to meet your display needs. It can be shown either as open or closed.
  • Step 8, This step adds more warming trays to the stove along with the large lid covering the tub installed in step 1.
  • Step 9. This step adds the smoke stack and the wheels. It also includes the building and painting instructions for the addon items, such as the bucket, milk pails (2 sizes), lantern and 4 personal food tins.
  • Step 10 & 11. This step provides for the building and painting instructions for the 4 figures included with the kit.
  • Step 12. This step shows the basic arrangement of the 4 figures around the field kitchen serving and eating. There is a minor problem with the officer that is standing on his own two feet. His hand should be resting on the top of the stove, but it does not make it all the way. To make it fit, you will have to design the display base to be a small rise there. It also includes the horse, cat and chicken as they should be assembled, but does not include any painting instructions. You will have a free hand as to how to paint these three items, or use the box top photo for your inspiration.


I found the molding to be clean, with no sink marks and few ejector pin marks on the sprues. The mold seams were easily removed and I saw no flash.


As with all instructions, read them carefully and plan what you want to do ahead of construction. Check the fit over and over and over again to make sure that all items fit together. Also, check the number of the part being called out – or lack thereof.

Painting and Decals

The color call outs are for Testors Model Master enamel, Mr. Hobby, Humbrol and Tamiya paints. There is 1 paint scheme depicted in the instructions. There are decals for information plates for the stove. The decals are by Riich and appear to be done to a high standard. However, there are some oddities with the decals. There are 5 additional decals designed for figures, but they are not called out on the instructions for placement. And on the instructions, it shows a 4th information plate on the smoke stack, but there is not a decal for it.


This is a very nice model and is easy to put together. It is also easy to paint since it’s all one color. I can recommend this model to any World War II German modeler as it depicts a side of the army that most of us never see, and it is a great start for a small diorama.


  • Gulaschkanone: The German Field Kitchen in World War II and Modern Reenactment By Scott Thompson Published by Schiffer Publishing ISBN-10: 076433767X / ISBN-13: 978-0764337673

Thanks to Riich Models and Dragon USA for the review sample, and IPMS/USA for the review space.


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