USN Deck Crew "Vietnam"

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February 3, 2020
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This latest set from includes two Navy crewmen and an Aero 12 ordnance cart with two boxes of fuses suitable for Vietnam era planes like the F-4 and A-4. The figures are one “red shirt” ordnance man and one ‘green shirt” aircraft mechanic circa 1965-1968.

Inside the pack, you will find 16 parts in cream colored resin- one figure is three parts and the other is four parts. The remainders of the parts make up the cart and fuses. There are also painting/assembly instructions and even more photographs on the web site. There are slight seam lines as with all resin cast parts and these are easily scraped away. Fit of the parts is great and no filler was used. I left the heads off for easier painting. All parts were washed thoroughly with dish soap and dried. The cart was assembled without wheels. The arms were attached to the figures and all the parts primed with Alclad grey primer.

The cart was painted yellow and washed with oils and weathered and flat coated. The tires have yellow rims and black tires and followed the same procedures. These were added and the entire cart flat coated with Dull Cote and the cart was done.

Painting of the figures was done with a variety of acrylic paints- Scale 75 for the flesh, Tamiya, Vallejo and others as needed. An oil wash was applied where needed and some light dry brushing and then these were flat-coated and the set was done.

This is another excellent set from Great subject with great fit and really well made. If you are building a 1/32 diorama, you need to look at the web site- figures, tow bars and much, much more at a very good price and excellent execution. This set is definitely recommended.

My thanks to Maurizio Amelotti and for the most appreciated chance to review this set.


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