Scharnhorst Gun Tubes With and Without Blast Bags

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Without Blast bags (SM-350-057); with Blast bags (SM-350-058)
Base Kit
Dragon’s Smartkit of the Scharnhorst
Company: Master Model - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: Master Model - Website: Visit Site
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For any modeler, but especially ship modelers, it is hard to achieve a realistic effect when gun barrels are out of round, warped or fail to have the right taper and shape; which is often the case with styrene injected or resin barrels. With smaller caliber guns and in smaller scales the barrels are often too fragile to handle. For these reasons turned metal barrels are an attractive alternative. Master Models continues to release well-priced brass barrels for the discriminating ship modeler.

Without a doubt, Dragon’s Smartkit of the Scharnhorst is a real gem with a superb level of detail thanks to its CAD designer. The gun mounts are very detailed and the molded barrels, with the slide mold technology, are quite nice in this scale, including bored muzzles. Dragon has packed the kit with a significant amount of aftermarket detail including injection molded blast bags; a nice touch given how difficult they are to make from scratch.

In steps Master Models with not one, but two sets of replacement brass barrels – one for use with the blast bags and one for use without. Aside from the shorter barrel length of the 280mm main guns in set 058, the packages have the same contents, one complete set of replacement brass barrels. I have included some images the contrast the differences in the 280mm barrels between the sets. Even though the Dragon barrels are nice, these turned barrels are nicer with much crisper definition to the barrel shape, especially the muzzle flare. The Modeler just needs to cut off the kit barrel, drill a locating hole and install the new barrel.

This is a well priced set that will significantly enhance an already nice kit. I would like to thank Master Model for these review samples under their Sea Master line and to IPMS/USA for this review sample.

MSRP: Without Blast bags (SM-350-057) $17.00

MSRP: Without Blast bags (SM-350-058) $13.00


Submitted by ROBERT ANDERSON (not verified) on Fri, 2023-07-14 12:30


in one of the bags there are four gun barrels  and also four barrels about  5mm longer  they are the same thickness from one end to the other    what are they

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