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May 18, 2011
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This photo etch ship railing set is similar to their 3-Bar Chain railing set, with the obvious difference of having two chain levels instead of three. The accompanying photo compares the two Eduard sets, side by side.This similarity will enable me to liberally borrow from my earlier review:

This unpainted stainless steel set represents drooping chain railings founds on the main decks on most all types of vessels (metal bar railings tend to be found more often on the upper superstructure deck levels). This is generic railing, not geared to any specific navy or class of ship.

By way of comparison, the PE is similar in thickness to Tamiya’s, and just slightly heavier than what you get from Hasegawa, Lion Roar or Gold Medal Models. The rails are slightly taller than the others mentioned, and the “chain” portion is not represented as delicately segmented chain links (like GMM’s) but as solid, drooping lines. You’re supplied with a little over 57 inches of railings in the package, which scales by my calculations to approximately 1670 feet in 1/350 scale. The PE is quite workable and easy to bend to shape and would significantly enhance the look of any vessel that it’s used on.

My review set was mislabeled on one line as a 1/700 scale set. This could be the case on many of the sets that have been sent to market, so look them over carefully before you purchase – this set is obviously too large (if you’re familiar with ship models) to be 1/700 scale.

Thanks to Eduard and IPMS/USA for supplying the sample for review.


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