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July 5, 2022
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Flyhawk and other
Company: Brengun - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: Hauler Brengun

Upfront, I want to thank Brengun for providing outstanding aftermarket bits for our beloved model kits, and to IPMS USA a big thank you for allowing me to review the Brengun resin replacement wheels. Today’s review represents resin replacement for any 1/72 SBD dauntless kits. This set includes two (2) pair of resin weighted wheels each pair having a different pattern along with one pair of photo-etch wheel covers. As always with this type of model detail set, check your resources for the correct pattern to use on your kit.

I’ve included comparison photos with the Flyhawk 1/72 Dauntless kit. Like other resin wheels you will most likely have to drill out the hole in the wheels to match the diameter of the kit’s axle size. For a very reasonable amount of money, Brengun provides you with a very nicely set of detailed wheels for any Dauntless model.

The tires are removed from the pour stubs with a couple of quick passes with a razor saw. The wheel hubs take just a bit long to remove but still it is a pretty easy task to accomplish with a razor saw. I have had good luck cutting slightly away from the wheel parts and sanding carefully to remove the resin stub from the wheel.

Please be aware like any other molded product, it is helpful to clean the parts and prime prior to painting. The other important point is that standard model cement will not work with resin parts and another glue such as a cyanoacrylate glue (super glue), Epoxy glue, or a PVA (white glue) will be necessary to attach the parts to the model.

I would really like to extend my thanks to Brengun for making this kit available for review as well as to the IPMS USA review team for giving me the opportunity to review the kit.



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