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October 13, 2019
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Any 1/48 MiG-29
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Plusmodel is located in the Czech Republic and when you visit the company website you are given the option of an English language version. The links above go to that option.

To get some idea as to what products are offered by plusmodel, select the Catalogue option on the home page. The Catalogue lists hundreds of items that can be used as stand-alone models or items, such as the Ladder being reviewed, to enhance a model. My modeling experience with plusmodel products includes only a dozen or so of the aftermarket-type items, and I have been pleased with each of those items.

The MiG-29 ladder, in 48th scale, is packaged in a sturdy cardstock box measuring 5 inches by 3.5 inches. The box top shows a MiG-29, with the canopy open, and with the ladder in place, awaiting the pilot. The backside of the box serves as the “instruction sheet”. The illustration shows that there are 5 parts included in the box. The ladder is a single part with two curved “hooks” that fit into the cockpit and hold the ladder in place. Two other parts are “arms” that hold the ladder away from the fuselage while providing some stability and support.

I found that there was a small amount of flash on the ladder uprights, between each step on the ladder, and that flash was quickly removed by gently dragging a # 11 Xacto blade across the flash 3 or 4 times. I found some flash on the other parts as well and removed that flash by rubbing the part along some medium grit sandpaper a few times. The flash was easy to remove and did not take much time.

The instruction illustration on the back of the box shows where the two hooks and two support arms are to be attached. After allowing the glue to set up for about 15 minutes I painted the fully assembled ladder as shown in the image on the box art.

The entire process, including the 15 minutes of drying time for the glue took about 30 minutes. That’s a good investment to have an item that will add some “eye candy” to a diorama or just a simple scene featuring the MiG-29

This product is recommended for its sturdy packaging, which includes a color image of a MiG-29 with ladder attached, and a clear “how to assemble” illustration on the back of the box. Thanks to plusmodel for the opportunity to review this product.


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