F-5 Tiger II "Freedom Fighter" (standard nose versions) - F-5A, E, F - Pitot Tube and 20mm Gun Barrels

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January 14, 2020
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Base Kit
Kitty Hawk
Company: Master Model - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: Master Model - Website: Visit Site

Packaged in a thin, heat sealed pouch with four turned parts, two gun barrels, one plug (ballast) and one pitot tube. Compared to parts in the new F-5E from Kitty Hawk kit, the Master parts are very fine, detail is the finest I have ever seen, and directions are very clear and easy to follow. The gun barrels are very precise and retain concentricity where the kit parts seem thick and may appear warped. You get a choice of installing the two gun barrels or using a solid “rod” that replaces one gun barrel. I believe this is a ballast for when a gun is not installed. I am unable to find information as if this has any other function than as a ballast. The pitot tube is a direct replacement for the Kitty hawk and Hasegawa F-5 kits with a round nose.

Master details is known for exquisite detail on all of their update sets and this review sample is no exception. This will enhance any 1/32 scale “round nose” F-5A, E or F Tiger II model kits. If your kit has a “shark” nose, you will need the gun set, AM-32-111, instead of this set. Kitty Hawk gives you both nose choices in their kit.

I would like to thank Master Models for this review sample.


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