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October 17, 2022
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This set includes 5 medium (280) grit sanding sticks. To help those of us who are visually oriented, the sanding sticks are a nice orange color, which will help distinguish them from Squadron’s other sanding sticks quickly as each grit is a different. The sanding sticks have a nice thick piece of styrene in the center of each stick to give them some rigidity, which I found useful when sanding larger flat seams such as the wing seam on my original issue Airfix Vulcan.

The box advises you that the sanding sticks can be cut and shaped to fit specific needs or shapes, however they are not easy to cut due to the styrene piece in the center of the stick. I ended up using large house scissors and a sharp Xacto in order to cut off a part of the sanding stick.

I tried the sanding sticks both dry and wet and they worked well for both, but I suspect that prolonged use wet could cause the glue attaching it to the center styrene piece to dissolve causing the sanding faces to come loose as it seemed a bit loose after a while at the sink.

These sanding sticks did a good job for the initial sanding phase due to the medium grit and they are a considerable size making them easy to handle and use.


Thank you to Squadron Hobbies for the review sample.


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