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July 13, 2014
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Gator glue

Gator Masks had a happy accident. Gator glue ordered the wrong products when planning to make a batch of their regular “Gator Grip” glue and accidently made a thinner product, which like the original glue. Gator glue is water based and non-toxic. After testing the new thinner product, they decided to add this “happy accident” to the catalog as the “Thin Blend” version of the Gator glue. This product is called “a perfect blend for Photo Etch”.

So I tried the thinner Gator glue with some PE seatbelts and a scrap piece of clear plastic and this is what I’ve discovered:

The water based aspect of this glue is very nice as if you have a bit of glue that oozes out, you can clean it with a Q-tip and water. The glue also dries virtually flat, which is a big contrast to regular superglue. The picture shows a smear of glue (my own fault) before I hit it with a flat coat. The glue has a surface tension higher than water (i.e, it would form a small ‘drop’ at the end of a toothpick), which is useful if you want to simulate an insulator in an airplane rigging. I’ve also tested it on a clear part and there was no fogging.

So is summary, this is what I’ve found

  • No fumes (good for your eyes, lungs and skin)
  • Water based, you can thin it even further by adding water
  • Fast drying time, yet long enough to allow for corrections (about 20 sec)
  • Dries clear with a subtle satin, almost flat finish
  • Strength similar to other glues, but maybe a bit less than superglue.
  • No fogging of clear parts

I truly recommend this glue as an alternative to superglue for PE and as an alternative to white glue for clear parts too.

You can order it by emailing to

I would like thank Gator Masks and IPMS/USA for the review sample.


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