Sub-Miniature Punch and Die Set

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February 10, 2020
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Company: Roll Models - Website: Visit Site
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Product overview

For those of you that do any scratch building or those that super detail kits, you are well aware of punch sets. For the rest of us, a quick explanation is needed. Roll Models Sub-Miniature Punch and Die set includes a series of series of metal punches and a guide to allow you to replicate small discs. The Sub-Miniature set comes in sizes 0.063, 0.058, 0.053, 0.048, 0.043, 0.038, 0.033, 0.028, 0.023, 0.018 inches. It can be used for punching out plastic card to replicate bolt heads or used to punch paper to make masks.

The process is simplicity itself. You select the size punch you need. Slip your material to be punched between the guide bars, insert the punch and strike sharply. Out the other side comes a perfect little disk. You can do this over and over and it remains the same size.

In the pictures, I used some plastic card and punched out three circles. I used these to replicate the bolt heads on a dungeon door. It can be used for engine detail, panel detail, to replace lost rivets due to sanding and many, many more things.

The entire tool is packed perfectly in a plastic box with the punches stored in a sleeve along with their sizes and the guide next to them and full set of instructions. If you are going to do ANY detailing, this is a must have tool. An investment now will pay dividends for years to come.

Definitely recommended! My thanks to Roll Models for the chance to review this excellent set. You may also consider the Larger Punch and Die Set also from Roll Models– they are both essential in this reviewers opinion


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