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May 23, 2011
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Another outstanding addition to the Aires line of resin cockpit sets. This set for the Hasegawa 1:72nd scale J-35 Draken is beautifully cast in a medium grey resin and features extremely minute details to include sidewall structure. Anyone who loves The Saab Draken will want to add this set to their model. .

The only problem I had and one to pay attention to is fitting of the glare shield under the front windscreen. I inadvertently removed too much plastic and this left gaps near where the windscreen fits to the fuselage. I recommend test fitting often and only remove a very small amount of the plastic at a time. It is way too easy to remove too much material.

Since I was fitting this to an Austrian aircraft I had a hard time figuring out the color of the cockpit. Research indicated they painted their cockpits in a light grey color which is different than the norm as all other countries flying the Draken paint their cockpits in a dark grey green finish. The only area requiring putty was again near the edge of the windscreen and above and behind the ejection seat.

Aficionados of the Saab Draken will want to add this set to their pride and joy and don’t forget these other sets:

Pros: Exquisite detail some you won’t see until a wash and dry brushing is appliedCons: Instructions not explicit on kit modifications required for fitting set to the model.

Thanks to Aires Hobby model and IPMS/USA for the review sample.


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