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November 22, 2021
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Artur Juszczak and Teodor Liviu Morosanu
978- 83-66549-25-8
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Square Soft Bound, A4 (8.25” x 11.625”), 24 pages
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Single #31
Company: MMP Books - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: Casemate Publishers - Website: Visit Site

MMP was founded in 1996 by Roger Wallsgrove, to publish "Mushroom Model Magazine". This quarterly modelling magazine was developed from "Mushroom Monthly”, a club newsletter which ran from 1985 to 1995, achieving a world-wide reputation for quality articles, fearless and honest reviews, and a great sense of humor. From 1997 the magazine was produced in collaboration with Robert Peczkowski and Artur Juszczak (Stratus), which meant a big leap in print quality and design. MMP expanded into book publication in 1999, and since then they have built up a list of books on aircraft and aviation, naval, military vehicles, and military history. MMP Books are distributed in North America by Casemate Publications.

Dariusz Karnas is a skilled modeler and amateur aviation historian. He lives in Przemyśl, Poland. He has authored or contributed color plates and/or scale drawings for over one hundred publications. These include MMP’s Polish Wings, Scale Plans, and Inside series as well as books in the MMP Yellow series: Fieseler 156 Storch 1938-1945 (2012) and Mikoyan Gurevich MiG-15 (2004). You can find Dariusz Karnas on Facebook at .

Teodor Liviu Morosanu has illustrated many books for MMP and has authored books like MMP’s 2009 hardcover edition of Romanian Fighter Colors 1941-1945. You will also find his colorful illustrations in many of MMP’s other book series like Polish Wings, Yellow and Orange monographs, as well as many of the Single series.

This booklet is the thirty-first in this series, Single. This series format consists of a 4-view color profile, scale plans, and photo details of a single variant; in this case, the Saab J 21A. You won’t find an introduction or background summary, as this series dives straight into the drawings, illustrations, and photographs. The front and back covers by Teodor Liviu Morosanu features a piston engined Saab J 21A-3, top and bottom views. Dariusz Karnas supplies six 1/72 line drawings and six 1/48 line drawings. No cross sections or scrap details are included

I counted 33 black and white photos and five color photographs of the cockpit. These photographs include a mix of period pics, Saab J21A manual or parts catalogue pages, and museum photos. Teodor Liviu Morosanu finishes the book with the full-page width color profiles (left, right, top, bottom) of Saab J 21A-3 (c/n 21-364) carrying Karlsberg F6 Wing markings ‘Red’ 6. This aircraft is currently preserved and on display near Linkoping, in the Swedish Air Force Museum (Flygvapenmuseum).

The sections include:

  • 1/72 Drawings
  • 1/48 Drawings [Page 04]
  • Captioned Photographs [Page 11]
  • Color Instrument Panel Illustration
  • Color 4-View Illustration [Page 22]

MMP Books’ Saab J 21A provides a quick reference for modelers. The drawings in 1/72 and 1/48 support the existing 1/72 and 1/48 model kits available and the captioned detailed photos provide a detailed reference. The color photographs of the J 21A’s instrument panel is noteworthy for those looking for that extra detail.

This booklet is essential if you're considering building the Pilot Replicas 1/48 kit, or the Heller and Special Hobby 1/72 kits. This series is usually paired with a much more detailed book in MMP’s monograph series, in this case Mikael Forslund’s Saab J 21 / J 21R tome that was released in MMP’s Yellow series. If you have any interest in Saab J 21A, this is your book and it’s at a very reasonable price point. Now, I need to get a hold of MMP’s Single 32 on the Saab J 21R….

My thanks to Casemate Publications, Mushroom Model Publications and IPMS/USA for the chance to review this great book.

Highly recommended!


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