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Mitsubishi A6M Reisen Zero Vol. II

Published: October 4, 2021
Book Author(s): Dariusz Paduch
Company: Kagero Publishing

Based in Central Europe Kagero Publishing House is the biggest publisher and exporter of English-written publications about military history, releasing nearly 60 titles every year. Kagero was founded in 1995, and began by delivering military titles in Polish. Their success led Kagero to start releasing books in English in 1998. Authors from Poland, Canada, USA, Australia and Great Britain, who… more

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Mikoyan MiG-31, The Full Story of the Foxhound

Published: September 8, 2021
Book Author(s): Yefim Gordon and Dmitriy Komissarov
Company: Crecy Publishing, Ltd.

With over 700 titles in print, Crécy Publishing has a growing reputation as a premier aviation, railway and transport publisher. The Crécy stable includes the highly respected Hikoki, Classic and Noodle book imprints, producing unique and highly illustrative bestselling books. Crécy books, with over 700 titles in print are available through a worldwide network of distributors and stocklists… more

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Ripe For Rebellion: Insurgency and Covert War in the Congo, 1960-1965

Published: September 8, 2021
Book Author(s): Stephen Rookes
Company: Helion & Company

Helion produces books on many aspects of Military History from the Late Medieval period through to the present day. Helion was established in 1996, and since then they have published almost 1,200 books, with 100 or more new titles coming out every year. The 'Africa@War' series covers African military history since 1945.

Stephen Edward Rookes is originally from Exeter in the UK, Dr.… more


Cross & Cockade International Summer 2021 Volume 52/2

Published: September 2, 2021
Book Author(s): Managing Editor: Mick Davis
Company: Cross & Cockade International

Cross & Cockade International is a non-profit UK based group known as the First World War Aviation Historical Society that publishes their journal four times a year. They also provide a free newsletter (sign up on their website) and occasionally publish WWI themed books like the Sopwith Dolphin monograph I reviewed earlier for IPMS USA. This Journal is the sister of the US Journal, more

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Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-3

Published: August 5, 2021
Book Author(s): Nikolay Yakubovich
Company: Guideline Publications

Guideline Publications is the UK's leading publisher of modelling and hobby-related magazines. With a world-class portfolio of titles and an international Social Media presence, Guideline Publications has a dedicated readership that is constantly expanding into new areas.

Nikolay Yakubovich is an aviation engineer and aviation historian in Russia. He has written at least seventeen… more

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Building the B-17 Flying Fortress

Published: August 4, 2021
Book Author(s): Bill Yenne
Company: Specialty Press

Bill Yenne has authored over 75 historical books and ten novels to date. He grew up inside Montana's Glacier National Park where his father was the supervisor of backcountry trails. Bill is also a nationally recognized artist and illustrator with his work being showcased in many national magazines and some of his paintings on display in the official collection of the US Air Force. Bill… more

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Modern Russian Trainer Pilot

Published: July 9, 2021
Company: Aerobonus

Aires began in 1995, making 2020 their 25th anniversary. They are based out of the Czech Republic and include not only the Aires brand name, but QuickBoost, Aerobonus, and Wheelliant.

A perfect addition to your diorama or display base is this Aires Aerobonus figure. This Soviet Pilot figure is designed to be used with any modern Russian trainer aircraft (Aero L-29, Aero L-39… more

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Finnish & German Seaplane Colours, Finland 1939-1945

Published: July 5, 2021
Book Author(s): Kari Stenman and Karolina Holda
Company: Mushroom Model Publications

One of the latest in Mushroom Model Publications’ White Series, Finnish & German Seaplane Colours, Finland 1939-1945 follows up an earlier volume on Finnish aircraft: (2018’s Finnish Jet Colours; 2018’s Finnish Bomber Colours, 1939-1945; 2015’s Finnish Fighter Colours, 1939-1945, Volume 2; and 2014’s Finnish Fighter Colours, 1939-1945, Volume 1). MMP is calling this book part of their "… more

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The Fighting Corsairs - The Men of Marine Fighting Squadron 215 in the Pacific During WWII

Published: July 2, 2021
Book Author(s): Jeff Dacus
Company: Lyons

Lyons Press was launched nearly four decades ago as a publishing company dedicated to what founder Nick Lyons described as a lifestyle of "responsible outdoor sport," Lyons Press has evolved into a leading publisher of high-quality books on fishing and hunting, nature, animals, military history, American history, and sports.

Jeff Dacus is a retired Master Sergeant of Marines who… more

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Ford M8 and M20

Published: June 17, 2021
Book Author(s): David Doyle
Company: Schiffer Publishing

David Doyle's book on the Ford M8 and M20 is one of the latest entries in the 'Legends of Warfare' series with entries in Ground, Naval, and Aviation. The Legends of Warfare series has expanded rapidly since its 2017 debut in the market with now over 100 titles released. This hard cover series covers a wide variety of monographs at a good price point.

After many years of being… more