Windsock Worldwide Vol.29, No.5

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December 13, 2013
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Softcover, 36 pages (including covers), modeling articles, period photos, technical drawings
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The Sept/Oct 2013 issue of Windsock Worldwide is the fifth issue of Volume 29 and it continues the publisher’s ongoing commitment to provide model builders with accurate and diverse information about WWI aviation. The cover image of a highly detailed Wingnut Wings DH9a also continues the publication’s practice of focusing on that manufacturer’s line of impressive 1/32scale kits. But, this issue presents a rich blend of modeling articles and reference material that extends far beyond the new kits offered by Wingnut Wings.

Inside, the first regular column, the READER’S GALLERY, presents photo coverage of two outstanding Wingnut Wings models: a Junkers J.I and a Pfalz D.IIIa. Following a page of Frontline News, ‘Logbook Entries’ reviews four new titles. Then, Lance Krieg wraps up his long-running series of WWI Modeling Master Classes with Chapter Nine: Finishes (Part 3). In this seven-page installment, Lance providing in-depth guidance about how to apply realistic finishes, using stencils, decals and hand painting markings. He also addresses weathering and how to deal with finishing problems. It’s a fitting way to bring closure to this popular series.

This issue’s Rara Avis features the experimental Austro-Hungarian Aviatik 30.24 triplane fighter with 3-view plans and six period photos. The center spread article ‘Great War Paint’ features a number of exotic color schemes for post-war SE5as - including an all red German example complete with swastikas! Then, the editor presents his reflections in ‘Coloured Thinking 2’ with some carefully chosen archive photos to support his thesis on modeling ‘perfection’. Next a page is devoted to the WWI models at the 2013 US IPMS Nats, followed by one presenting a fond look back at Renwal’s 1/72 scale Aero-Skin Fokker D.Vll. Then, the subject of the cover photo, the amazing 1:32 Wingnut Wings DH9a in post-WWI guise is covered in detail.

Wrapping up the issue, ON THE TRANSFER LIST provides two pages of decal reviews, followed by KITBAG, a review of new kits and accessories and then a review of new 1:32 scale in the now regular column ‘Figuratively Speaking’. The concluding pages also include a number of product and retailer advertisements of special interest to readers of this publication. This issue is highly recommended to WWI aircraft model builders as well as those with an interest in WWI aviation history.

My thanks to Albatros Productions for providing the review copy of this excellent publication, and IPMS/USA for the opportunity to review it.


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