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Trumpeter, SKIF
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The kit comes packaged in a small zip lock bag with a paper header that has the OKB logo the part number and the scale as well as a description of what is in the bag. In this case a complete set of road wheels for the T-64 type-1. The wheels are very well molded and are free from bubbles and the molding is very crisp. The detail on the wheels is outstanding and looks great.

The resin wheels are a bit more detailed than the road wheels in a trumpeter kit that I compared them to and I will be putting them on the kit. Unfortunately, I do not own a Skif T-64 kit and would like to compare the wheels to that kit as well. But based on the level of detail and molding in the OKB I cannot help but feel they are more than likely better.

The wheels are molded in sets of inner and outer and are on a thin carrier that is easily removed. I simply used a hobby blade and used the back side to score around the wheel until it easily separated. A little clean up with a 1000 grit sanding stick and they were good to go. The two wheels fit together nicely. A test fit on a trumpeter axel was very tight and I was more satisfied with the fit after enlarging it a tiny bit using a #46 drill bit in a pin vise.

I am very satisfied with this product and would recommend it to any one wanting to back date their T064 wheels to type-1 or even just wanting to replace existing wheels for some with better detailer and crisper moldings.

My thanks to OKB Grigorov for the opportunity to review this excellent set


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