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GM-35-013 & 014
Company: Master Model - Website: Visit Site
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If you click the “About Us” tab on the Master Model website you'll read the following: Master Model was created in Poland with a passion for modeling. The company knows how important details are for you. We strive to give you the best possibility of making perfect models, which are a reflection of the originals. The most important thing for us is your satisfaction. By utilizing high product quality, great workmanship, and above all customers contentment, we will take care of you. To that end, there is even a proviso that should the need arise, you may contact the headman, Piotr Czerkasow, directly.

Rather lofty aspirations for a company that manufacturers brass aftermarket gun barrels and pitot tubes for aircraft, ships and armor models. An aspiration that the company has been living up to since its founding in 2008.

Two recent additions to their Ground Master series (armor) are Modern AFV antenna. The antenna is listed as a Comrod VHF 3088VM. I believe that is the official designation for this particular high power broadband wire dipole antenna. They are designed to replace the kit parts on the IBG Models KTO Rosomak but should work for just about any modern armor kit of your choosing. The KTO Rosomak is a Polish multiple role, wheeled armored vehicle much along the lines of the U.S. Stryker. Fun Fact: Rosomak is Polish for Wolverine.

Item Product ID Link Cost
Straight AFV Antenna GM-35-013 Straight Antenna $7.50
Tilted AFV Antenna GM-35-014 Tilted Antenna $11.00

Master Model has both a straight and tilted antenna set available. Both antenna are turned, tapered brass rod that features a lovely flare on one end. The flared end fits into the supplied resin mount.

A really nice touch is the inclusion, in each set, of resin bits that represent a protective cap. This cap would be placed over the opening in the mount when the antenna was removed when the vehicle was being shipped, down for maintenance, or a low bridge(?). Either way a very cool feature!

As you might expect, the straight antenna assembly is pretty straight forward. (These reviews write themselves.) Simple really: brass rod antenna, resin mount, protective cap, and nothing else. Just assemble the pieces and place them on the appropriate spot on your model.

The tilted antenna version provides the same items with the addition of a few photo-etch bits for the antenna tie down loops. The photo-etched hardware includes tie down loops, shackles, and pins for both the vehicle and the antenna proper. Master Model also includes a length of resin thread to represent the cable used to...wait for it...tie down the antenna.

These antenna sets( straight and tilted) are awesome, easy to use aftermarket detail sets that will really spiff up your next product at a reasonable price point. They genuinely do reflect the originals.

My thanks to Master Model for the review copies. Dziękuję Ci!


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