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February 1, 2021
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Brengun produces a wide range of unique resin, photo-etch (PE)accessories and full kits in 1/32, 1/48, 1/72 and 1/144. This conversion set was previously produced by Attack Squadron (Arma Hobby) and that product line was sold to Brengun which now offers the C-130 product line many are familiar with.

This resin set comes in a sturdy cardboard box containing a pair of refueling pods, similar to but much larger than the “Buddy Pods” carried by fighter & attack aircraft used by the Navy. The resin part is a single piece and is very solid and possibly on the heavy side. The pour blocks have small contact area and note that there is a remnant (was only on one pod) protruding from the tail end of the pod that will need to be removed. The panel lines are very crisp and easily identifiable even after a primer coat. There is not an instruction sheet so if you are unsure of placement, check references to aircraft photos available online. Most C-130 kits have partial holes where the Auxiliary fuel tank pylons are located, between the outboard engine and wing tip. See the photo I took of a USAF KC-130J for the location.

The refueling pods just need a little clean up removing them from the casting block and removing any flash or the small protrusion (if it is on your cast part). After cleaned up, I highly recommend painting and weathering the pod off the model (due to the weight of the pod) and installing your pod at final assembly.

*Looking at KC-130 reference photos, these pods will work on current KC-130H aircraft but older tankers have a slightly different pod. The only real difference I can see if the area around where the basket deploys from.

This set will take a fairly plain C-130J and update it into a unique tanker mission Hercules. Brengun also offers a 1/72 scale flap set, sponson set and wheel set so I am anxiously waiting to see their next new product for the Hercules.

Thanks to Brengun for this very simple and nice set.


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