Pitot Tube, RAM Air Inlet and AOA Probe for the F-4 Phantom II, Long Nose Version

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Tamiya 1/32 F-4E, F, G, EJ, RF-4B, C, E and EJ
Company: Master Model - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: Master Model - Website: Visit Site
Detail Parts

I have built several 1/32nd scale Phantoms, both Revell and the Tamiya versions, and have found the weakest and most fragile of all the parts are the pitot tubes and the tail probes (AOA). Thankfully, Master Model has come along with a very nice set of finely cast and turned items to replace these items.

In the long nose version set you get three replacement detail parts to fit the F-4E, F, G, EJ, RF-4B, C, E and EJ version of the Phantom. You get a pitot tube for the pointy end of the nose, RAM air inlet for the tail, and an angle of attack (AOA) probe for the starboard side of the front fuselage. All appear to be turned brass of the highest quality.

The instruction sheet provides exact locations and procedures for applying these detail parts. You will have to remove some existing detail in order to drill new holes and attach the new details. The pitot tube was very easy – use the existing hole on the nose and just enlarge it a little to acccept the new part. You will have to cut off the kit pitot tube (which doesn't belong for these versions, anyway) and RAM air tube on the tail and fill in any divots that were created. A new hole will be needed for the new RAM tube. The AOA probe is easy – just locate the place to drill a small hole and place the part. I used an ACC-type adhesive to attach the parts. A little paint for touch up and you’re done.

If you're as rough on models as I am, I would strongly recommend purchasing this set. I have broken a lot of plastic pitot tubes and these metal ones aren't as fragile. I found out the hard way and already stabbed myself, but it didn't break!

I would highly recommend this set – it’s inexpensive set and should enhance an already detailed model kit. Many thanks go out to IPMS USA for giving me to opportunity to review this detail set and to Master Model for providing the detail set for us to review.


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