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HLH 72064, HLH 72066, HLH 72068
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Hauler has been busy of late with a pile of kits and accessory items. Among the accessory items are some 1/72nd scale engraved plates. The plates come in a variety of types that represent those used by the various combatants of WWII as well as some plates representative of those employed by more modern armies, notable the United States. Among the offerings are:

  • German WWII - Early type
  • German WWII - Late type
  • U.S. - Grill type
  • Modern - Lentil type
  • Modern - A type

Each plate measures 35mm x 65mm and you get one plate per package. As you can tell from the photos the various patterns are reproduced, in scale, and will go a long way toward giving your latest project the proper look.

Here's direct links to each plate reviewed:

The principal market for these engraved plates might be toward those that build small scale armor or soft skinned vehicles but don't let that dissuade you from getting some. These engraved plates will come in handy for replacing the decking on a truck trailer or the fenders on a small scale tank. These engraved plates will also serve well as catwalks, anti-skid/tread plates, or any number of other uses.

One use that I have in mind is to replace the decking of the fighting compartment on a small scale(1/87th) German Hummel 15cm SPG. So, not just for 1/72nd scale stuff. Let your imaginations run wild. If you build small scale armor or soft skinned vehicles will find these engraved plates most useful.

Recommended. My thanks to Hauler, of the Czech Republic, for the review copies.


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