Pacific Profiles Volume 12- Allied Fighters: P-51 & F-6 Mustang series. New Guinea and the Philippines 1944-1945

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Michael John Claringbould
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Softcover, 108pp, b&w and color photos, color profiles
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Volume 12
Provided by: Casemate Publishers - Website: Visit Site

This is the latest addition to the ever-expanding list of volumes in the Pacific Profiles
series. Previous books in the series have covered both Japanese and American aircraft,
but this is the first one dedicated to the P-51.

In a similar format to other volumes in the series, this book has 108 pages in a nice, high-
quality semi-gloss finish and a stiff outer cover. Publishing quality is first-rate, as is the
content itself.

The book is made up of 14 chapters, as well as a table of abbreviation definitions and a
sources/acknowledgements section. The first chapters discuss general markings as well
as a history of the aircraft type’s introduction into the theater. Subsequent chapters are
broken down by individual squadrons, culminating in sections devoted to group/squadron
commanders’ aircraft and one on post-war markings.

Each of the squadron chapters begins with a brief historical overview, followed by a
description of individual squadron markings. Relevant photos (in color and black-and-
white) accompany the text, and of course each chapter has several profiles (as per the
title!). There are notes in many of the profiles and photos tying them to one another.
There are some surprisingly colorful markings on many of these Mustangs, and a fairly
good description of their application. Several of these chapters also have (what I believe
to be) a digital art rendering of an in-flight aircraft from the corresponding squadron.
While these are nicely done, I don’t feel they added anything to the information. All the
profiles are extremely nicely drawn but are all side views. I would have gladly traded the
in-flight renderings for some top/bottom (or other side) profiles.

I can highly recommend this book (and in fact the whole series). It provides some clear
descriptions of various unit markings, as well as several interesting and inspiring color
profiles. Mustangs in the Pacific Theater tend to be under-represented in the realm of
markings research, and this book helps eliminate that issue.

Thanks to Casemate for the review copy, and to IPMS for allowing me to review it!


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