P-61 Corrected Cowling, Propellers, and Engine Details

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Revell/Monogram 1/48 P-61 Black Widow
Company: True Details - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: Squadron - Website: Visit Site
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Thanks go first to Squadron Products for supporting IPMS/USA with these review items; without the support of our model companies, we would all be carving wood again.

This accessory set contains two new cowls with corrected front opening, two sets of propellers, and engine gear box fronts with magnetos and control mechanisms. The price is right for what you get, too!

First, the propellers are exactly the same as those I reviewed earlier for the Revell/Monogram P-61 kit. The spinner contains prop hub mount detail, and the props themselves are all separate; the propeller mounting bosses fit tightly within the spinner/hub area. Just be careful to set the pitch and prop run-out and you’ll have no problems. Center-drill a hole for the prop shaft, and they are complete.

Next is the cowling. I have included one of the kit items to compare with the TD cowls; it came cracked as you see, but the real problem is the front intake area is too small. The True Detail cowlings fix this.

You have to be careful with these; the pour stub fills the entire forward cowl section, and requires a delicate touch. No knives, please! (AND WORK SLOWLY)

I sanded these stubs flush with the front of the cowling (as you see in the picture), using my delta bench sander, then carefully (while holding the cowl and a vacuum hose in one hand) used a Dremel tool with a small sanding drum to work through the rest of the pour stub by plunging through the center. I then worked the opening open a little at a time while rotating the cowl. If you are careful, you will end up with a round hole and no flash (there is a slight indentation around the cowl lip that releases a whisker of resin if you do this right). If not, well, can’t help ya there. Break out the body filler at that juncture.

The engine gearbox is a direct replacement for the kit item; you can see the kit housing still on the sprue, and the replacement is correctly can-shaped. Not a difficult change there, but an excellent addition nonetheless.

In the end these are excellent details that make a difference in the finished product. A firm 10 out of 10 for these. Thanks once again to Squadron Products for the support and for providing the sample, and to IPMS/USA for the opportunity to do the review!


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