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October 6, 2017
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Base Kit
Kitty Hawk

SAC once again provides a very nice set of cast metal gear to help your model stand out in public places. And this one is as simple as it gets. THANKS ROSS for providing this set to IPMS USA, and to Dick and Dave for sending it to me. Particularly Dick, who HAND DELIVERED the item (along with other cool things) to me at the Nationals.

This set is the usual SAC total replacement of the kit items, with improved assembly and ease of installation.

The other benefit in this case is the axle assemblies are metal verses plastic. No broken off axles after a hard landing (just bend the gear back into place). With the short wheelbase and narrow track of the Kingfisher, this one is a must have, because the stress will kill the plastic parts. Also, have you seen that itty-bitty tail wheel? The SAC tail gear strut, being metal, will take hits and bend and have ability to be bent back. Work hardening takes about 8-10 tries, and you REALLY have to bend it to do that, before it breaks. Worth every dime for what you paid for the Kittyhawk kit (which is a beauty, BTW).

Consisting of 3 (YES THREE) cleanly-cast metal parts replacing the 3 structural beaching gear parts for the kit, the SAC gear just require a bit of inspection, a swipe or two with a sanding stick to clean up any mold parting marks, and painting. Use metal primer first (I like Tamiya’s gray spray primer from a rattle can), you can finish paint with whatever color you like to match the model, then install with superglue gel, thick, or epoxy. It’s a push fit, so difficult to mess it up.

I put the gear into the float mounting holes and took the pictures. Now, for the cool part of being a reviewer… I did not use this set, because I have other plans for this bird. I offer the gear to the first IPMS member who reads this and sends me an address plus IPMS number so you will have it on record for receipt. You have to be willing to have your name in on the website, just like the rest of us do, so on “anonymous” takers or posters. ANONYMOUS? Well, that’s dis… er, Mule muffins in my opinion.

Send to me, at

Ready, set…

Thanks again to SAC and IPMS for the opportunity to review these great upgrades! I have more coming. And thanks Dick and Dave for taking time to give me the opportunity!


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