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August 19, 2019
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Base Kit
Any 1/144 Meteor
Company: Master Model - Website: Visit Site

Master Model of Poland produces small brass parts for detailing models, be they aircraft or ships. They have parts for aircraft in 1/32, 1/35, 1/48, 1/72, and 1/144, mostly pitot tubes, refueling probes and gun barrels.

This product is a single pitot tube for a 1/144 Gloster Meteor. The instructions are quite simple.

  1. Drill a hole for the brass part.
  2. Install the brass part, using CA glue.
  3. Paint the part.

I had a HKM Meteor already built, and the kit comes without a pitot. So I added it.

One of the great things about the instructions is the drawing for the placement of the pitot. The drawing is 1/144 scale, and makes figuring out where to drill the hole much easier.

Once I got the drill started and the hole drilled, I got the part out of the package.

This pitot pretty much defines the term “small part”. See the photo below. I had taken the precaution of putting down a fresh paper in my work area, because losing this part wouldn’t feed the carpet monster, but the carpet bacteria would love it. I also use a “jeweler’s apron” which attaches to the front of the workbench and then goes around my neck, so if I drop anything, it’s probably going to get caught.

Once I had the hole drilled, it was the work of only a few moments to put a drop of CA on the part and install the pitot. This part of the project took about 20 minutes. I wasn’t in a hurry, it’s just very simple and I had the tools I needed right there.

Painting was pretty simple. First I had to determine the color(s). I did a Google image search for “Gloster Meteor Pitot”, and got a number of pretty good pictures. There were a large number of silver Meteors, and a number of non-RAF planes too. These wouldn’t work with my camo bird. Especially since the Argentine AF paints their pitots with alternating red and white bands. Not in 1/144, not with my painting skills.

I found the RAF camouflaged Meteors used a dark green pitot with a white tip. I tried Model Master RAF dark green, but the paint didn’t want to stick to the brass. I wound up using Tamiya dark green, with Tru-Color white for the tip.

It was finished, looking nice. I’m happy with this one.

Overall Evaluation

Highly Recommended. These Master pitots are super additions to the kits which don’t have a pitot, and they’re very rugged, in case someone mishandles the model.

Thanks to Master Model for the review item, and IPMS USA for allowing me to upgrade my Meteor.


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