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MiniArt definitely knows how to be creative with their sprues. This kit is nothing more than eight of their F sprues used to make a metal bridge with handrails. Sprue F is the sprue that was used in their “metal Stair”. This sprue is used to create the platform part of the stair kit.

This was a simple build. Cut some parts, do a little sanding and the bridge is done. The handrails are a different issue. They require lots of sanding or at least scraping. That is what I did to remove the large visible seam lines on the parts. When finished, the “bridge measures in at 5 7/8 long by 2 7/8 wide. Without the handrails attached you could get away with putting a number of vehicles on the bridge (as seen in the photos) If you end up attaching the handrails, you will be limited to what you can actually put onto the bridge.

As I was building this kit and remembering the stair build, I started thinking about I beam steel. I looked at numerous photographs of bridges and steel girder construction and they all show riveted and reinforced plate construction. By this, I mean that where the beams are attached, they have riveted or bolted reinforcement plates. Does this mean the bridge or stairs need this? If I was going to build this kit for myself, I would probably add these features to the kit.

The painting was very simple. A base coat of flat black was applied to the bridge unit. After drying, the handrails were painted with military brown. As there is no visible wood grain texture, this was all that was added. I used steel to dry brush the raised portions of the tread plate pieces to add a little more color to the bridge itself.

This is a neat and easy kit and will definitely aid the model and diorama builder in coming up with new ideas to assist in displaying finished works. I want to thank MiniArt Models for making the product, Dragon Models for supplying the review sample, and IPMS/USA for a place to post this review. Have fun; build a metal bridge!


Submitted by Ian (not verified) on Sun, 2018-11-11 22:41


I believe this could be added to their pedastrain bridge to extend it's length so that 2 or three tracks could be laid under it.

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