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I was intrigued by this model offered by Brengun that would be a great piece to add with your Japanese ground-based aircraft display base. My hopes are that I will eventually have an opportunity to try the 1/48 scale version of this accessory.

Typical with Brengun’s other releases, they provide the end user with some extremely nicely cast parts molded in a darkish grey resin. If there were any imperfections, they were not noticeable to my eye. I found the parts delicate buy not fragile. The resin was reasonably pliable making removal from the pour stubs easily achievable with a little patience. I can’t overstress to double, triple, and quadruple check the instructions before removing the parts. I had a small oops where I removed and discarded a small portion of the support frame. Thankfully I was able to recover my error with a scratch-built pump mount.

Now, expect some flash and expect to carefully remove a lot of it. The most time-consuming work was with the two wheels as pretty much all the open areas between the spokes needed cleaning out. The kit includes a resin shaft for mounting the wheels but as I had some comparable sized brass rod and chose to use that instead as it was easier to mount on the framework. Without the brass expect to do some sanding to slim down the axle. The other point I must mention and really the ONLY negative about this review is that Brengun does NOT include the hose for the refueler. The instructions simply indicate to use a tube or wire of some sort. I had some solder that fit the bill, so I used that. I really think that the hose should have been included and adding a suitable material to use should not increased the cost of the kit by a very small amount.

Assembly was pretty straightforward and with a little patience everything was super-glued together in a short period of time. I then primed and painted the model. All told I have maybe 3 or so hours in the project. This kit is highly recommended and will make a nice addition to your 1/72 Japanese airfield scene.

I would really like to extend my thanks to Brengun for making this kit available for review as well as to the IPMS USA review team for giving me the opportunity to review the kit.


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