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Green Stuff World (GSW) is a company based out of Spain. It is specialized in the design and production of tools, paints, and other types of resources for modeling, crafts, and wargames. GSW has provided IPMS?USA with a sample bottle of Maxx Darth Blackest Black acrylic paint for review. The website product description states it has a light absorption rate of 98.9%. For this review six (6) other brands of black paint will be compared to Maxx Darth Blackest Black.

In the Bottle

The paint comes in a 17ml bottle and is a nontoxic water-based acrylic. Inside the bottle is an agitator ball to help mix when shaking which is great, since the paint has a thick consistency.

Review Process

For this review I wanted to compare "how black" Maxx Darth is versus other black paints I currently own. To do this I will use white plastic spoons that have, first, been primed with Mr. Finishing Surfacer 1500 White. Then I airbrushed each paint brand to a spoon. The airbrushed used was an Iwata Eclipse HP-CS with a .50 mm nozzle.

The other black paint brands are Tamiya (XF-1), Testors (1149), Vallejo (70.950), ICM (1002), Mr. Finishing Surfacer 1500 Black, and Hataka Jet Black (C100).

Each paint was thinned accordingly for airbrush use. To help thin the Maxx Darth Black, I used Vallejo Airbrush Thinner with a 1:1 mixture.

The thinned Maxx Darth flowed and atomized very well out of the airbrush. Once applied, the paint dries very fast with a superior dead flat finish. Compared to the other black paints, IT IS THE BLACKEST BLACK paint I have ever used.

For hand brushing testing, I applied it over a white spoon that had the same primer coat. It is very thick out of the bottle and will need some thinner. I used water as the thinner for this test. Like other acrylics, it thins very well. With successive coats (and drying between coats) it becomes a very dark black like the airbrush test result.


The results from the pictures and seeing it personally in this comparison test confirms this is the “Blackest Black” paint. It makes all the other black paints seem dark gray when side by side. GSW has a winner for a truly black paint all modelers can utilize.

This is a great acrylic paint for the hobby and unique due to its light absorption properties. It applied easily from the paint brush and sprays well from the airbrush. The color has an incredibly true dead flat finish once dry. Just make sure the base primer coat is a quality paint. I do believe using this paint strategically for shadow or interior areas will add extra depth of dimension for visual effects to any model or diorama.

I want to thank Green Stuff World for providing Maxx Darth Blackest Black Paint and IPMS/USA for allowing me the opportunity to review.

Highly Recommend to EVERYONE!


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