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October 29, 2022
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UMM 53
Company: UMM-USA - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: UMM-USA - Website: Visit Site

During the IPMS USA Nationals this year, John Vojtech was kind enough to provide several of his tools from Unique Master Models (UMM) to the IPMS Review Corps, and this was the item I was fortunate enough to receive. Consisting of an ergonomic plastic handle with pyramid-shaped reamer tip, with a built-in label identifying the reamer size for quick recognition.

Measuring five inches in length, the reamer is quite comfortable to hold, and the pyramid-shaped tip is made of hardened tool steel. Useful for opening holes in kits used for attaching parts, opening existing holes, or cleaning the ends of tubing, there are many possibilities for using this reamer. The diminutive size will also allow for better control on smaller items.

My hits with this release starts with the convenient size of the reamer which will handle up to 2.5mm openings with the other being the price point for such a well-made tool (currently listing at $6.95 on the web site). Joining other tools that are available from UMM, the nice built-in label will aid modelers in quickly grabbing the desired tool from their bench. The ergonomic handle will help to prevent fatigue during longer periods of use.

I would again like to thank John Vojtech and the folks at UMM for graciously providing this chisel to the IPMS-USA for review.


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