Wooden Stand for Building, Painting, and Transporting Models

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August 18, 2012
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I have long seen the need for a stand or base that could be useful while painting a model, as well as for use in the construction of the model. I have tried to design and assemble such a base with some level of success, but recently I had the opportunity to try out a product by JHmodels. acquired through UMM-USA. This stand consists of a set of simple wooden parts, assembled with super glue, and including some metal nuts and bolts that allow for the parts to be adjusted to fit the model being built or painted.

Straight out of the package, the parts are held in a wooden fret that will remind one of PE frets that hold the parts in place with very small connecting tabs. These tabs can be cut with a hobby knife, popping the parts out of the wooden fret quickly and easily. Once the parts have been removed from the frets, one will need to do a little assembly. An instruction sheet illustrates those 7 steps

I skipped step 1, in which some hex nuts are super glued into two specific wooden parts. Rather, I went directly to step 2 and assembled the parts in such a way as trap those same hex huts in the proper location, using other wooden pieces to sandwich them into place. I did this in order to prevent any super glue from getting into the threads of the hex nuts.

I also skipped steps 3 and 4, in which one cuts the enclosed “rubber belt” into various lengths. That rubber belt forms a cushion upon which the model can rest during painting, building, or transportation.. Rather, I applied super glue to the four “leaf” attachments and placed the rubber belt on each leaf, trimming it to length.

Assembly took about an hour, and was easily achieved using a sharp hobby knife, a cross-head screwdriver (a.k.a., Phillips Head), a pair of scissors, super glue, and a few clamps. The clamps were used to squeeze the “sandwich” parts of the four posts together while the glue set up.

My initial view of this item was that it would be used as a paint stand. During the assembly process, it rapidly became clear that the jig can also be using during the construction process, and further, for transporting the finished model to shows and displays. In the process of constructing the jig, one will very rapidly see how it can be of great help in holding the model in the proper position while one attaches landing gear, pitot tubes, and even decals. I have discarded the jig that I designed and built and have been using for some years. This jig by JHmodels is far better.

This product is highly recommended for its adjustability, strength, ease of use, and flexibility in how it is used. It is easily adaptable to armor, ships, automotive subjects, and Sci Fi. I even found that I can use it to assist in the construction of some of my HO scale rolling stock!

I’d like to thank JH Models for the concept and presentation, UMM-USA for the contribution, and IPMS/USA for supplying it for review.


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